Dog Body Language And Anxiety

A happy dog smiles with his whole body

Hi everybody! Today I want to discuss something that is important to understand for the health and mental well being of our animals. Anxiety in dogs, being able to read a dog's body language, and understanding (and respecting) your own pet's boundaries and limitations. I deal with issues like this on a daily basis, both as a service dog handler working a dog in public, and as an animal rescuer, dealing with pulling animals from shelters either to be rescued, or to have their picture taken for networking.

2018 Is The Year Of The Dog

February 16th marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Based on the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of the dog! People born in the  are said to be conservative and full of justice. Because of their loyalty, Dogs are valued in the workplace. They rarely break rules, except for people important to them. In life, they only wish to live quietly with their family. Essentially, much like real dogs, they are loyal and true to their family. Well, around here we LOVE dogs (and cats too, but they have to wait until the Year of the Tiger 😉). So we thought we would take this time to give you a little insight into our very own dogs and their unique personalities!

Baldwin Park Shelter Animals Available As Of 2-15-18

A4873970 Male 11yr old Miniature Poodle Mix
I am trying to get out to my local shelter to take pictures as often as possible in an effort to help network animals and get them adopted. The following pictures are of several dogs that are at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as of 2/15/2018.

Valentine's Day Pet Safety

It is almost Valentine's day. One of the most romantic days of the year, but if you have pets, it can also be a dangerous day for them. Each year, poison control and vet offices see an uptick of cases on February 14th. Here are a few things to watch out for to help your pet stay safe.

Canela Is Not Too Old For Us

The heartbreaking video above was shot by and shared with permission from Laura Garrick. It shows a gentleman dumping off his dog at the North Central shelter in the Los Angeles area for no other reason than she's old, can't hear so good, and just lays down all the time. Canela was initially adopted from the same shelter in 2004, so as near as we can tell, she is at least 13, and possibly as old as 18 right now.