Create A Disaster Plan For Your Pet

Our hearts are with all the families affected by recent and upcoming hurricanes.

We are an animal rescue in Southern California, and as such, our thoughts immediately go to the animals. How are they, are people able to take them to shelters, are the animals getting fresh food, clean water, medications, a dry place to sleep? Being from California and the heart of earthquake territory, we are taught from an early age to "be prepared" in case of a disaster. In many cases, disaster strikes with no warning. Wildfires, earthquakes, flash floods, tornadoes, there are any number of things that can lead to massive power outages, infrastructure loss, homelessness, an inability to contact friends and loved ones, and a need to be self reliant until help arrives.

One Person's Trash Is Another Person's Treasure

I have had dogs all my life. Most of the time there was more than one dog. Big dogs, little dogs, snuggle bugs, and crazy fools. My wife and I are both huge advocates of rescuing dogs, she works in the animal rescue world at and I work here at Leave No Paws Behind. Along with that, I volunteer for another rescue group as a photographer taking pictures of dogs in a local high kill shelter to help get them adopted. Dogs are a huge part of our lives, and we have loved them all. And then came Major...

I Want To Help But I Can't

In the rescue world, we share a lot of images of animals in the shelter that need to get out, animals that are neglected, abused, in deplorable conditions, cute animals looking for adoption, animals that we have rescued that need help, pleas for fosters, and for many other reasons, all in an effort to get animals to safety.

With each of those posts, the rescue or the shelter is asking for something. Normally they need an adopter, a foster, money for medical care and needs, transport, a volunteer, or donations of items like blankets, crates or other pet related item. A lot of these rescues require group participation, even if some people won't ever physically meet that animal.

Advantages To Adopting A Senior Pet

Are you considering adding a pet to your household? If so, please consider adopting or fostering a senior pet from your local shelter or rescue. We here at Leave No Paws Behind are an all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs. We love our seniors, and currently have over 50 rescues living with our foster network. Why do we think seniors are so great? We put this post together to share exactly why we think older pets are AMAZING!

Fun Activities For You And Your Dog

Our lives tend to revolve around dogs. Between rescuing seniors in need and coming home to our own pups, we do a lot of dog centric activities. It's something we enjoy as a family. Everything from just for fun activities, structured activities, competing, practicing, training, in the end it is all about bonding time spent with a pet. We use a lot of these activities to train our dogs and reinforce basic obedience, and yet they don't know they are training or working, they just know they are spending time with you! Doing fun activities with your dog is a great way to bond with your pet, and at the same time get exercise and great health benefits for both you and your pet. This post will show you just a few examples of some fun things you can do with your pet. Here in Southern California, a lot of these activities can be done year round, but in places that have seasons other than "warm" and "hot", there are indoor arenas that host training and events.

Shar Khan, Our Latest Rescue Kitty

Based on his condition, Shar Khan was scheduled to be euthanized upon intake at the shelter.  He was picked up as a stray, and we think he is about 9 years old. His fur was matted into dreadlocks, he was emaciated, he had sores on his body, his ears were torn up, he had what looked like an eye infection, he is missing part of his nose, he was filthy, and who knows what was going on inside his little body.  When he got to the shelter, they found he had a microchip, and per the shelter rules, he was placed on a 10 day hold while they tried to find the owners.

Common Household Dangers for Pets

Common Household Items That Are Dangerous To Pets

People Food Items that are toxic or could cause serious health issues (this list is just a sampling of items):