Pancreatitis In Dogs

Pancreatitis in dogs can be extremely dangerous. It is a health issue that all pet owners should be familiar with in order to recognize the signs and symptoms, as it can be life threatening. It is fairly common in canines, and isn't age, breed, or gender specific. Let's start with explaining what the pancreas is. The pancreas creates enzymes that aid in digesting food and produces insulin which helps regulate blood sugar.

June 15th Is Our Anniversary!

June 15th is Leave No Paws Behind anniversary, and this year is our 7th. I (Frank) have been involved in a minor role since the beginning, helping behind the scenes, as a board member, and in fund raising events like creating the calendars every year. Last year, right around this time, I came on full time. In my role here, I have created this blog (this is post 52!) and I capture imagery of all of our rescues in an effort to help tell their story and show you just how amazing these animals are. Here are just a few images that I have created in the last year. Please keep in mind that as a hospice rescue that specializes in senior, end of life, and severe medical conditions, not all of the animals shown below are still with us, but those that aren't passed knowing love, warmth, and kindness. I hope you enjoy these, and as always, to help us continue to help them, please click here: DONATE

It's Raffle Time!

Help us celebrate our 7th anniversary! We are holding a raffle where YOU can win the prizes!

Mocha Is Looking For A Foster

Mocha was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind on 5/5/18. She was hit by a car and was suffering with a broken pelvis. Her owners decided, for whatever reason, that they could not care for her and turned her over to the shelter. The people at the shelter reached out to us to rescue Mocha, as it was obvious she was in a lot of pain. We stepped up right away and rushed to go get her. She couldn't walk and needed to be kept immobilized, so for the first time ever, we had a dog wheeled out to us.

Summer Heat Is Coming, Keep Your Pet Safe

Summertime is quickly approaching. It is time to start thinking about keeping your pets safe in the heat. As the temperature heats up, news reports about animals left in hot cars begin to pop up. With the rise in temperature, many airlines won't transport animals in the summer months, and even in decent weather will not transport animals to airports like Palm Springs or Phoenix due to the excessive temperatures on the tarmac. Please keep that in mind when planning summer vacations with your pet. 

Summertime is a great time to have a pet. The daylight lasts longer, allowing you more time to bond with your pet. More people are active in the summer, and if you take just a couple of precautions, your pet can be included safely. 

T-Shirts And Mugs To Celebrate Our 7 Year Anniversary

We are gearing up for our 7th anniversary on June 15th! To help kick us off the celebration and give you the ability to show your support, we are selling a limited edition T-Shirt design that will only be available until 5/25/18. These shirts are available in either white or black, and in either a unisex or women's style. You can order them here: LNPB 7th Anniversary T-Shirts

Baldwin Park Shelter Animals Available As Of 5-2-2018

A5172712 Male 1yr old Pit Bull mix
I am trying to get out to my local shelter to take pictures as often as possible in an effort to help network animals and get them adopted. The following pictures are of several dogs that are at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as of 5/2/2018.