Leave No Paws Behind 2017 Year End Review

Another year very quickly is coming to a close, and as you review your list of year end tax deductible charitable donations, please consider Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. to help us continue to help them OR give them the Gift of Life all year long and sign up to become a monthly sponsor.  

As LNPB looks back on 2017 it allows you all to see how your donations helped us continue to help them and how YOU have made a difference in so many lives .So sit back, relax, have some coffee, a box of Kleenex , as you will smile and shed tears of happiness, and enjoy our year in review !

Holiday Pet Safety

December is a wonderful time of year, and it can also be hectic and stressful as we gear up for holiday festivities, family gatherings, parties, and friends visiting. The house gets decorated, and everything is beautiful and bright, lots of food preparation, and shiny wrapping paper everywhere.

Why Do Dogs Do That? Volume 2

The last time we discussed weird things dogs do, we covered bed spinning and grass eating. You can find that post here: Why Do Dogs Do That? Let's face it, our pets do some strange things. So in what is becoming an occasional topic, I give you "Why do dogs do that? Volume 2". Today we will cover 3 strange things your dog does, leg kicking when you hit that "spot" on the belly, the adorable head tilt, and one of the grosser things they do, roll in stinky, nasty things.

A Safe Pet Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. It is often a time spent surrounded by loved ones, a time of open doors sharing our many gifts with those that have come from near and far. Some people we have known all our lives, and others we have just met but are welcomed into our homes with open arms.

As with any holiday, Thanksgiving requires some special precautions to make sure our pets are well cared for and safe. No one wants to spend their holiday at an emergency vet, so here are some tips, things to watch out for, and ideas to help keep your pet safe:

LNPB Talks With Dr Achenbach About Diabetes In Pets

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Our very own resident Chauncy is diabetic, and went in for his checkup and blood work. While we were there, we took the opportunity to speak with Dr Achenbach, VMD, with The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, about diabetes in cats and dogs. We cover warning signs, treatments, and diet requirements. This video, along with our previous post covering diabetes in dogs here, covers this topic very thoroughly.

November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Are you considering adding a pet to your household? If so, please consider adopting or fostering a senior pet from your local shelter or rescue. November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, which is right up our alley! We here at Leave No Paws Behind are an all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs. We love our seniors, and currently have over 50 rescues living with our foster network. Seniors (particularly those with medical needs) tend to be the hardest to place, and spend the most time in the shelter or rescue before finding loving homes. So why do we think seniors are so great? We put this post together to share exactly why we think older pets are AMAZING!

Why Do Dogs Do That?

It happens every single time. It's the same exact bed, in the same exact spot. And yet, every time one of our dogs goes to lay down on it, they spin around several times and finally lay down and let out a huffing sound. Sometimes they dig in with their paws, and other times they root around with their nose.