Tips On Caring For A Senior Pet

We had the opportunity to spend some time with one of the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks vets that takes care of our rescues, Dr Missy Achenbach, VMD. We talked to her about senior pet care, things to look for as your pet ages, diet, exercise, and what happens at a senior wellness exam. We covered both dogs and cats. Please click on the video below.

Keep Your Pet Safe At Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for kids and families. Fun costumes, dark and spooky haunted houses, lots of treats and candies. As fun as it is for people, it can be a nightmare for your pets. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe.

Calendar Presale Starts Now!

Hi there everyone! We are so excited about the way the 2018 calendar has turned out! We are finishing up the final art work and getting ready to launch the pre-orders. We think this years calendar is the best ever, and will make a great addition to your wall. It will also make a fantastic Christmas gift for your animal loving friends.

Caring For A Blind Dog Or Cat

Here at Leave No Paws Behind, our main focus is rescuing senior animals in local shelters with medical issues. As such, we see many animals with eye and sight related issues. Glaucoma, cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy are fairly common eye issues that appear in dogs. These can cause pain, may lead to blindness, and can require surgery. We have rescued several animals that are blind or have had to have surgery to remove either one or both eyes that are living with our amazing fosters. We wanted to share some helpful tips and show you just how amazing these animals can be. Animals are extremely resilient and resourceful, and often, these animals have no idea there is anything wrong with them at all.

We Need A Very Special Foster

We have been given the great privilege of caring for a very special dog here at Leave No Paws Behind this summer. He has worked his way into our hearts and those of our followers. His name is Rambo, and he is getting ready to go into a long term forever foster home soon.

Our Hurricane Harvey Rescue Effort

We have been extremely busy here at Leave No Paws Behind these past few weeks. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas at the end of August and immediately, the images and video of flooding, destruction, rescue efforts, and yes, lost, displaced, and rescued pets started to come in. We knew we needed to help in any way we could.

We put our heads together to try and come up with a plan. Do we fly to Texas? Do we try to arrange a truck to bring animals to us? Do we ask someone to put a dog on a plane? We have never done anything like this before. Getting in to a hurricane affected area and trying to do something on the ground seemed counter productive. Would we be taking up resources that could be better utilized elsewhere? Would we be able to get to animals in need? We didn't want to jeopardize the amazing work that was already being done on the ground.

Create A Disaster Plan For Your Pet

Our hearts are with all the families affected by Hurricane Harvey. The news reports, stories, and images coming from Texas are devastating. The relentless rain has led to flooding, evacuations, and still not knowing what the total impact will be or when it will end.

We are an animal rescue in Southern California, and as such, our thoughts immediately go to the animals. How are they, are people able to take them to shelters, are the animals getting fresh food, clean water, medications, a dry place to sleep? Being from California and the heart of earthquake territory, we are taught from an early age to "be prepared" in case of a disaster. In many cases, disaster strikes with no warning. Wildfires, earthquakes, flash floods, tornadoes, there are any number of things that can lead to massive power outages, infrastructure loss, homelessness, an inability to contact friends and loved ones, and a need to be self reliant until help arrives.