Fun Activities For You And Your Dog

Our lives tend to revolve around dogs. Between rescuing seniors in need and coming home to our own pups, we do a lot of dog centric activities. It's something we enjoy as a family. Everything from just for fun activities, structured activities, competing, practicing, training, in the end it is all about bonding time spent with a pet. We use a lot of these activities to train our dogs and reinforce basic obedience, and yet they don't know they are training or working, they just know they are spending time with you! Doing fun activities with your dog is a great way to bond with your pet, and at the same time get exercise and great health benefits for both you and your pet. This post will show you just a few examples of some fun things you can do with your pet. Here in Southern California, a lot of these activities can be done year round, but in places that have seasons other than "warm" and "hot", there are indoor arenas that host training and events.

Shar Khan, Our Latest Rescue Kitty

Based on his condition, Shar Khan was scheduled to be euthanized upon intake at the shelter.  He was picked up as a stray, and we think he is about 9 years old. His fur was matted into dreadlocks, he was emaciated, he had sores on his body, his ears were torn up, he had what looked like an eye infection, he is missing part of his nose, he was filthy, and who knows what was going on inside his little body.  When he got to the shelter, they found he had a microchip, and per the shelter rules, he was placed on a 10 day hold while they tried to find the owners.

Common Household Dangers for Pets

Common Household Items That Are Dangerous To Pets

People Food Items that are toxic or could cause serious health issues (this list is just a sampling of items):

Dogs Wearing Shoes

A little personal back story. Frank here. My oldest child is a type 1 diabetic, and Major and Raven, Major a rescue from a very abusive situation, and Raven, a dog that was about to be washed out of a service dog program due to behavioral issues, are trained to smell and alert to blood sugar issues (high or low blood sugar) of a diabetic. We recently went out with a group of diabetics and their dogs for a fun day. This is a post about some of the ways we protect our dogs in the warm California summer.

"Oh my gosh, those dogs are wearing SHOES!". If I had a dollar for how many times I overheard that as we walked through the Orange County Fair, I'd be rich. We live in Southern California, where the summer months (which seem to blast from March until November ;)  ) are often 90-100 degrees, and the asphalt gets hot enough to burn bare feet on humans, or paw pads on dogs. On a sunny day, even at 80 degrees, the asphalt can be upwards of 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

2018 Calendar Shoots Have Begun!

 Attention all Leave No Paws Behind supporters! Work has begun on the 2018 LNPB Calendar! We have already had photoshoots with a few of the Leave No Paws Behind fosters and we will be scheduling many more over the next few weeks.

Fostering Saves Lives

Rescues rescue, fosters save lives. How our foster program works right here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc: Due to the nature of our rescue, (seniors, special needs, severe medical cases, and end of life) we have a very unique and amazing network of fosters. We provide hospice care for those who are deemed terminally ill by the vet and shelter alike. These sweet animals remain in a loving long or short term hospice foster and continue to receive love, kindness, and medical care for as long as needed. We also have special needs seniors, blind, deaf, mobility issues, serious medical issues, and animals with heart conditions, and are between the ages of 13-17 years old. We also provide short term foster care for our rescues, who although may be seniors, are very highly adoptable and can go on to live a happy life in a forever home.