Rambo's Story

Rambo, and many others like him, have led us to create our own low cost veterinary clinic, coming this fall/winter 2019.
We pulled Rambo from the shelter on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized. He was turned into the shelter by his family, who could not afford to care for an (at the time) unconfirmed auto-immune disease. Even testing to determine exactly what type of auto-immune issue Rambo had proved to be too expensive. Rambo's condition worsened, and by the time he was relinquished to the shelter he was in awful shape and horrendous pain. Hidden from the public in the medical ward of the shelter, the likelihood of him being adopted or rescued was slim. Had the family had access to affordable veterinary care, Rambo's condition may have never progressed to the point it had gotten, requiring visits to specialists and a year of round the clock medical care, calling our vet's office home. Please watch the video below to see the amazing transformation Rambo has undergone.

Rambo is just one of the many animals Leave No Paws Behind has been able to help. LNPB rescues animals that many thought had no other option than to be euthanized, as whatever ailment they were suffering from had progressed almost to the point of no return. In many of these cases, the animals were loved and living in caring homes, but the cost of medical care was a burden too big to bear. When having to choose between housing and food, or vet care for their pets, often the only option is to relinquish the pet to a shelter with the hopes that someone may rescue their beloved pet. The reality is, shelters are already filled with healthy pets, including cute puppies and kittens, and a medical needs animal or a senior pet's prospects of getting adopted or rescued are extremely slim. If there was another option, a place that families could go for affordable vet care, including basic general wellness exams, many of these animals may have been able to be diagnosed early, never progressing to the point of a dog like Rambo, and would be able to stay in their homes, not having to know the inside of a shelter.

Please help us as we continue to move forward with our vet clinic. It will be located in West Covina, Ca, easily accessed by multiple freeways and centrally located to Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Go to www.leavenopawsbehind.org/donate to make a donation, share this post on social media, and help us spread the word. Every little bit helps, and all goes towards our mission of letting all pets know their life matters.