Leave No Paws Behind Summer Updates

Hi everyone! Here is hoping you've found a way to keep cool this summer. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in California, which seems like it starts in January and lasts until October these days 😃. We have a lot of news to share with you, and thought the blog would be a great way to do it!

Create An Evacuation Plan

We are an animal rescue in Southern California. California suffers tragically every year from destructive and devastating wildfires in the hotter months, and mudslides in the rainy season. As such, our thoughts immediately go to the animals. How are they doing, can people take them to shelters, are the animals getting fresh food, clean water, medications, a dry place to sleep? Being from California and the heart of earthquake territory, we are taught from an early age to "be prepared" in case of a disaster. In many cases, disaster strikes with no warning. Wildfires, earthquakes, flash floods, tornadoes, there are any number of things that can lead to massive power outages, infrastructure loss, homelessness, an inability to contact friends and loved ones, and a need to be self reliant until help arrives.

The Health Benefits of Living With Pets

Did you know that having pets in your life comes with some very positive affects to your health? Some may seem obvious, and others may surprise you. We will tell you about just a few of the great things that happen when you share your life with a pet.