Why Do Dogs Do That?

It happens every single time. It's the same exact bed, in the same exact spot. And yet, every time one of our dogs goes to lay down on it, they spin around several times and finally lay down and let out a huffing sound. Sometimes they dig in with their paws, and other times they root around with their nose.

The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

No matter how hard you try, accidents happen. A gardener leaves the gate open. The UPS delivery person needs a signature and a pet sneaks out. A squirrel runs by while you are taking a photo. Damage to a wooden fence goes unnoticed. A toddler accidentally lets the indoor cat out. It should be okay though, they have a collar and ID tags on, right?

LNPB Talks With Dr Achenbach

This is the second installment in an occasional feature where we talk about different topics with Dr Achenbach, VDM, of The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. In this episode, we discuss common ailments we see in the animals that Leave No Paws Behind rescues, some of the more extreme cases we have seen, animal neglect, and how easily things can be treated if found early.

Dogs And Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs has some similarities to diabetes in humans, and also some major differences. Here at Leave No Paws Behind, we are very familiar with diabetes, as my son is a type 1 diabetic, and Chauncy, our shelter rescue, was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago.  This post will hopefully educate you to symptoms, treatments, dangers, and successfully living with, dogs that have been diagnosed with diabetes. Dogs can live long, healthy lives with proper treatment and monitoring.

Tips On Caring For A Senior Pet

We had the opportunity to spend some time with one of the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks vets that takes care of our rescues, Dr Missy Achenbach, VMD. We talked to her about senior pet care, things to look for as your pet ages, diet, exercise, and what happens at a senior wellness exam. We covered both dogs and cats. Please click on the video below.

Keep Your Pet Safe At Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for kids and families. Fun costumes, dark and spooky haunted houses, lots of treats and candies. As fun as it is for people, it can be a nightmare for your pets. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe.

Calendar Presale Starts Now!

Hi there everyone! We are so excited about the way the 2018 calendar has turned out! We are finishing up the final art work and getting ready to launch the pre-orders. We think this years calendar is the best ever, and will make a great addition to your wall. It will also make a fantastic Christmas gift for your animal loving friends.