LNPB Talks With Dr Achenbach

This is the second installment in an occasional feature where we talk about different topics with Dr Achenbach, VDM, of The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. In this episode, we discuss common ailments we see in the animals that Leave No Paws Behind rescues, some of the more extreme cases we have seen, animal neglect, and how easily things can be treated if found early.

A big thank you to Dr Achenbach for taking time out of her day to speak with us. We are so pleased to have partnered up with all of the amazing staff at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, and the amazing service and care they provide us and all of our fosters.

Just to reiterate and emphasize a common theme discussed in this video. A lot of what we see in the animals we rescue is neglect. Small things that could have been caught early before they became big things. Regularly scheduled vet visits and wellness checks can discover health concerns before they get a chance to become huge ordeals, expensive treatments, and/or life threatening issues. We don't always know the whole story behind our rescues past lives. Some come in as strays and some are owner surrenders. We purposefully seek out the seniors that have health conditions in an effort to get them the care they need, a loving, warm home, and so they don't have to die alone on the cold shelter floor. As such, we have no idea how well cared for they were before we rescued them, but it is often apparent that in the recent past they were suffering from neglect.

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