Julie and Norman

Norman and Julie

Leave No Paws Behind rescued 3 emaciated dogs from the San Bernardino shelter. Two of those dogs were Julie and Norman, seen above. Norman is the tan dog on the left, and Julie is the grey/blue on the right. Both of these dogs were in dangerous shape when we rescued them, but were incredibly sweet, gentle, and excited to be out of the shelter.

The Amazing Arlo

Arlo in the medical building at the kennel
We at Leave No Paws Behind essentially rescued Arlo sight unseen on 3/23/18. I had come to the shelter the day before to meet him, but he was taken to the shelter's vet off site to have a tumor looked at. We placed a CTA (commitment to adopt) on him that night, and came back the next morning. This was how we first met Arlo. In a kennel at the shelter's infirmary, with a massive tumor on his neck that was dripping blood, and a baseball sized knot on his right front leg. We could smell him before we could see him.