Julie and Norman

Norman and Julie

Leave No Paws Behind rescued 3 emaciated dogs from the San Bernardino shelter. Two of those dogs were Julie and Norman, seen above. Norman is the tan dog on the left, and Julie is the grey/blue on the right. Both of these dogs were in dangerous shape when we rescued them, but were incredibly sweet, gentle, and excited to be out of the shelter.
Due to an investigation into animal cruelty, the dogs couldn't be released together. Norman was released to us first, we pulled him on 4/5/18. We immediately rushed him off to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, where it was determined he was 30 pounds underweight.

We were extremely concerned that due to his condition, and not knowing just how long he was suffering, that there may have been some type of organ damage or loss of function. All initial tests and blood work have come back looking good, no signs of organ failure, we are currently just treating him for malnourishment.

Norman knows down

Norman is an amazing dog! While he has been in our care we have discovered some great things about Norman. He has had some obedience training, as he knows sit, down, and walks great on a leash.
Norman knows sit

Norman also is great around other dogs big and small. We have heard through the shelter that at one point in time he and Julie shared a home with some Chihuahua's. He is great with other dogs. He is very well mannered, takes treats gently, and has this adorable little horse like gait when he walks. Norman is also house trained!

Norman is great with other dogs

Norman appreciates a good belly rub

Norman likes hugs :)

One of the other things we have learned about Norman is that he adores people. He loves to be held close and hugged, and truly wants to be in your lap or snuggling with you. A real people pleaser. As best as we can tell, Norman is younger than Julie, we are guessing between 4-6 years old. He has been putting on weight and continues to look healthier every day.

Julie in the shelter

Julie on her way out of the shelter
Julie was rescued from the shelter on 4/10/18. Julie was also rushed to the vet for tests and blood work. While fearing the worst, her prognosis, just like Norman's, is excellent. She is being treated for malnourishment, and had a few ticks removed, and as of right now that is all.

Just like what we are doing with Norman, we are spending time with Julie getting to know her. She also knows all the basics too, with sit, down and stay. She is house trained. She pulls some when on leash, but with consistency she will be a great hiking/walking companion.

Julie is also great with dogs of all sizes. And she LOVES to have her picture taken. She sits so patiently and looks right into the camera. I'm predicting she could be a new instagram star!

Both Julie and Norman are looking for fosters. If you are local to the Los Angeles area and have room in your home for Julie or Norman, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com. Leave No Paws Behind covers all medical costs for our rescues. If you want to help us continue to help them or any future rescues, please click here to donate. And of course, please feel free to share this post so we can find Norman and Julie a great foster home!