Baldwin Park Dogs Available As Of 12-13-17

A5131146 Male 6yr old Rottweiler
On occasion I try to get out to my local shelter to take pictures in an effort to help network animals and get them adopted. The following pictures are of dogs that are at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as of 12/13/2017.

Leave No Paws Behind 2017 Year End Review

Another year very quickly is coming to a close, and as you review your list of year end tax deductible charitable donations, please consider Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. to help us continue to help them OR give them the Gift of Life all year long and sign up to become a monthly sponsor.  

As LNPB looks back on 2017 it allows you all to see how your donations helped us continue to help them and how YOU have made a difference in so many lives .So sit back, relax, have some coffee, a box of Kleenex , as you will smile and shed tears of happiness, and enjoy our year in review !

Holiday Pet Safety

December is a wonderful time of year, and it can also be hectic and stressful as we gear up for holiday festivities, family gatherings, parties, and friends visiting. The house gets decorated, and everything is beautiful and bright, lots of food preparation, and shiny wrapping paper everywhere.

Why Do Dogs Do That? Volume 2

The last time we discussed weird things dogs do, we covered bed spinning and grass eating. You can find that post here: Why Do Dogs Do That? Let's face it, our pets do some strange things. So in what is becoming an occasional topic, I give you "Why do dogs do that? Volume 2". Today we will cover 3 strange things your dog does, leg kicking when you hit that "spot" on the belly, the adorable head tilt, and one of the grosser things they do, roll in stinky, nasty things.