Baldwin Park Shelter Animals Available As Of 2-15-18

A4873970 Male 11yr old Miniature Poodle Mix
I am trying to get out to my local shelter to take pictures as often as possible in an effort to help network animals and get them adopted. The following pictures are of several dogs that are at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as of 2/15/2018.

I do not know anything about these animals, other than they are at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. They have hundreds of adoptable animals available in all shapes and sizes, this is just a tiny fraction of the animals they have at the shelter. They have mixes, mutts, and purebreds, cats, kittens, bunnies, turtles and ducks, large and small, and of all ages. If you would like to know more, please contact the shelter at 626-962-3577 or go see them in person at 4275 Elton St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. I have included the animals intake number and a short description under each picture. If you call the shelter, you will need that intake number to get more information. You can also search the Los Angeles County website with that number at: County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control

Please share this post on social media to help try and find these animals (and the many hundreds more in LA County shelters) homes. And always remember, adopt, don't shop!

A5150127 Female 6yo Shih Tzu mix

A5150483 Female Shih Tzu

A5150497 Female 2yo Dogue de Bordeaux

A4648899 Female 8yo Chihuahua mix

A5150712 Female 6mo Cocker mix

A5149299 Male 2yo Tibetan Mastiff mix

A5149318 Female 6yo Mini Poodle mix

A5150771 8mo Shepherd mix

A5150164 Male 3yo Shar Pei mix

A5149909 Male 2yo Doberman Pinscher

A4933242 & A4933241 Female 2yo Lab/Pit mixes

A4076585 Male 10yo Cocker Spaniel mix

A5148378 Male 5yo Poodle mix
If you can find it in your heart to give one of these animals a home, or perhaps adopt one from your own local shelter, please do. If you can't adopt an animal, please consider donating so we can continue to help our local homeless animal population at this link:

As always, please remember that when you decide it is time to add a new furry member to your household, adopt, don't shop. Your local shelter and rescues are filled to the brim with very adoptable  animals, and the perfect companion for you could be there.