2018 Is The Year Of The Dog

February 16th marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Based on the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of the dog! People born in the  are said to be conservative and full of justice. Because of their loyalty, Dogs are valued in the workplace. They rarely break rules, except for people important to them. In life, they only wish to live quietly with their family. Essentially, much like real dogs, they are loyal and true to their family. Well, around here we LOVE dogs (and cats too, but they have to wait until the Year of the Tiger 😉). So we thought we would take this time to give you a little insight into our very own dogs and their unique personalities!

Angus lives in Frank's house, and is his wife Laurie's main squeeze

 Angus is a 4 year old Maltipoo that truly wants nothing more than to be in his mom's arms on the couch while she watches TV or reads a book.

Popcorn, a Bichon Frise, lives with Toby. He isn't often in focus. Think a combination of Speedy Gonzales and the Tasmanian Devil

Popcorn is a whirling dervish of fun and frolic! At 12 years old, this little fella is truly the happiest dog on earth and keeps us all on our toes and laughing. He truly is the epitome of living life each day to the fullest!

Carbon lives in Frank's home. As of now, Laurie still allows Frank to stay there too

Carbon is pure energy. He only has 2 speeds, fast and faster. Always on high alert and ready for anything, his favorite phrase is "Let's go!"

Chauncy lives with Toby, but Frank often tries to sneak him out in a backpack

Chauncy has the most soulful eyes that pierce right into your heart. He is my “little man” and the best cuddle buddy anyone could ever ask for. He keeps us all in line and reminds us each and every day the importance of living one day at time.

Raven is Quin's (Franks son) service dog. She was a service dog school dropout, but found people not as smart as her that she could rule

Raven is the smartest dog I have ever met. You can literally see the wheels turning as she figures things out. Like the day she decided she wanted ice, so she learned how to work the ice dispenser on the fridge. Raven can sense fluctuations in blood sugar, and is a working diabetic alert dog. She is also currently in remission, but has cancer (multiple myeloma).

Major lives with Frank. Major was rescued from an abusive situation, but Major truly knows who rescued who

Major is Frank's once in a lifetime dog. Part soulmate, part muse, part life saving doctor and therapist all rolled into one. He is the most amazing specimen in the canine kingdom. He is also a trained service dog and personal running coach.

Rambo lives with Toby. He has very quickly replaced Frank as Toby's favorite child
Rambo is the most grateful and loving dog Toby has ever known. Not one day passes that he is not thankful for his gift of life and love. He has taught us all that in spite of the many obstacles life throws our way , each new day is a gift to be treasured and lived to the fullest! He never gave up on us and we never gave on him! Rambo is living with Pemphigus, an autoimmune disorder that affects the skin.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful year of the dog! All though around here, every year is the year of the dog. If you happen to share your home with a dog, take his paw in your hand and let him know that this year is going to be great!