You Know You Are A Dog Lover When

We love all kinds of animals here. But there is just something about a dog. You might say some of us even border on the obsessed. This post is dedicated to all the pet parents, canine enthusiasts, dog lovers, or whatever we would like to be called in all of of us. You know your a dog lover when...

You know you are a dog lover when your dog has more collars than you have shoes. And don't forget the coordinating leashes, harnesses, back packs, rain gear, and accessories that can go with it. Some of us might have even bought the dog a new collar before replacing our children's worn out sneakers 😄

Have you ever skipped making your bed because you didn't want to disturb your dog? We understand.

Has your dogs reaction to a person ever changed how you felt about them? Maybe your pup didn't seem to care for someone on a first date, so they never got a second date? Sorry, I can't date you. My dog doesn't approve. 😆

Do you dress your dogs up according to the holiday? Or take them to see Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? If so, you may be a dog lover.

Do you follow more cute dog profiles on Instagram or other social media than family and friends? Yeah, us too.

Do you exercise or are you a runner? If a friend calls and asks if you want to go workout together, do you tell them you can't because you already have a running date? Yeah, we don't either 😂

Okay, here is another sign you might be a dog lover. One friend calls and asks if you'd like to come over and meet their new baby. Another friend calls and says they just adopted a new puppy. Who do you go see first?

Do you only spend time with other dog loving friends? Find yourself only frequenting places that are dog friendly? Us too 😀

Do you wind up missing your kids soccer or baseball games because you have to take your dog 150 miles away to a dog sport competition? You have found your support group.

Is your phone filled with selfies of you and your dog? Or 1000's of pictures of your dog sitting/sleeping/begging and maybe just 2 or 3 of your spouse, significant other, or grand kids?

Have you gone so far as to create your own hashtag for a series of images posted to social media? Maybe something like #scenesfromabathmat?

Can you remember your next door neighbors name? No? But you DO know the names and ages of every dog in a 5 block radius and you stop to socialize with each one on your evening walk. You may even go so far as to carry different kinds of treats because you know which dogs like specific treats. My guess is you are a dog lover.

When your friends call and say they want to do a girls day out, this is what they had in mind?

Welcome to our club. We won't judge. Go ahead and get that collar that matches perfectly with the new leash you have. Feel free to go to the coffee shop 3 towns over because they have a dog bowl full of water on the patio. Have a black or a yellow dog that sheds? We totally get that the color of your dog dictates your wardrobe choices. And we understand the excitement every time Apple or Samsung announces a new phone because your old phone's storage is full of dog pictures and videos you would never dream of deleting but you need more space. We are your people. And we love dogs.