The Struggle Is Real For Dog People

If you share your home with a dog (or 2 or 6 or 15), you know that there are things that people without dogs will just never understand. Here is a fun list of things that dog lovers have to learn to deal with when navigating through life with a dog.

"Are you gonna eat that?"

You will never ever have to eat alone again. Dogs will never understand why you won't share your dinner with them, when they make such excellent dinner companions! And it doesn't matter how sneaky you try to be, their noses will find you and those tacos.

Time to go for a walk
Time for dinner!

You can probably get rid of all the alarm clocks in your house. Whether it is time for their daily walk or dinner time, dogs have amazing internal clocks. They know what time you come home from work, what time you get up in the morning (and they don't care about sleeping in on the weekends), and they even know the worst possible times to let you know they need to go outside and go potty. 😄

You can stack them!
Be careful or they will spread out

"You weren't thinking of laying here, were you?"

Another daily struggle with dogs comes at bedtime. Dogs will let you know that no matter what size bed you have, it will never be big enough. And you can forget about having a "favorite side". Your dog will let you know where you are allowed to sleep, and in some cases, you're lucky if that is even on the bed. 😂

"Do you even spell check?!?"

"what time do we nap?"

If you happen to work from home, your dog will let you know that a big part of your job responsibility is to give them attention. They can be extremely demanding bosses, and will interrupt your working day often. They also will remember all the times you ignored their meeting requests when it comes time for your review.

One of the amazing benefits (all kidding aside, dogs truly make life better) of sharing your life with a dog is knowing that there will ALWAYS be someone that is happy to see you when you come home. Tough day at the office? Fido is glad you are home. Get in an argument with your spouse? Princess will make you feel better. Dogs can sense when we need them most.

And finally, that brings us to the best thing about having dogs in your life. The unconditional love they provide. Even when we are not at our best, our dogs want nothing more than to be by our side,  showing us just how much they love us. Dogs are amazing that way.