Fosters Save Lives

We are a foster based rescue. What that means is that we rely on the kindness of volunteers to open up their homes and hearts to the animals we rescues. We do not have a facility/farm/kennel/warehouse where we can house animals. If we don't have a foster that can take in an animal, we can't rescue and save more lives.

Our fosters are our backbone, and they have no easy task. The majority of animals we save are hospice care, seniors, medical needs, or all of the above. As such, the care these animals require is more than an average, healthy animal. The fosters also must deal with caring for and loving an animal that may not be with them for a long time. It isn't easy to go into this knowing you will fall in love and understanding that your time with the animal may be short. With that said, we have an amazing relationship with our veterinary care provider, The Pet Dr's Of Sherman Oaks, and in many cases, our animals are living far longer than anyone would have initially thought. We attribute that both to great veterinary care and having our rescues in loving homes, being cared for by amazing people that love these pets as their own.

We need your help. We are always looking for more fosters in the Southern California area. The majority of our animals need ongoing medical care, and we cover that cost 100%. As such, we need people that live close enough to our vet partners and are able to bring them in for appointments and follow up as needed, which is why we try to limit it to LA, Ventura, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties. If you are willing (and live in the area) to foster for us, please email and let us know. If you can share this post and help us reach more people, that helps us too. If you don't live in our area, but would like to consider fostering, please contact a local rescue or shelter to see if you can help out close to home.

The majority of the animals we rescue for Leave No Paws Behind are seniors with medical needs. Some are blind and/or deaf. As such, often times their energy levels and exercise requirements are low. They really need a warm bed or a lap to lay down on,  someone to feed them, take them potty, and shower them with love, compassion, and attention. In return, they will provide gratitude, adoring love, and companionship. It truly is a win-win! We want them to know their lives matter!

We are also looking for fosters for a new program we recently started, "A New Leash On Life". With this program, we rescue younger, high energy, at risk dogs from local shelters. (Think Huskies, Malinois', German Sort Haired Pointers, etc) In some cases, these dogs have been previously adopted and returned to the shelter as they proved to be "too much dog" for the family that adopted them. Dogs that have been returned to the shelter are often stigmatized by that fact. In many cases, the only real issue is the dog was placed in the wrong home, with no thought given to the dog's size, needs or exercise requirements. We rescue these dogs, fully vet them, place them in a foster home, and train them to become "adventure dogs". An adventure dog is a companion that will accompany its new family on adventures like running, camping, hiking, or even to the local dog friendly coffee shop patio. We work with the fosters, setting up training sessions, teaching the dogs basic obedience, and provide good, healthy outlets for their energy needs by taking them trail running and hiking. The same concept applies here, we can rescue more dogs if we have local fosters. If this sounds like something that interests you, please email

Once again, if you are interested in fostering, please send us an email at If you know someone that may be willing to foster, share this with them, or share it on your social media platforms. And if you would like to make a donation to help us continue to help them, please click here: DONATE

Thank you for all your help!