We Need A Very Special Foster

We have been given the great privilege of caring for a very special dog here at Leave No Paws Behind this summer. He has worked his way into our hearts and those of our followers. His name is Rambo, and he is getting ready to go into a long term forever foster home soon.

Rambo is a special needs dog, and as such, we are seeking a very dog savvy foster. He has pemphigus, an autoimmune disease. This is incurable, although with the correct medical protocol and extreme vigilance, we have hopes for remission and a very happy life for Rambo. He is currently on a very strict regimen of medications, and a high dosage of the steroid prednisone, which compromises his immune system and leaves him susceptible to injuries like a torn ACL if he is too active or engages in a game of fetch. As such, we would like to see Rambo in a relaxing home, possibly with other senior mellow dogs. With his immune system compromised, he will not be allowed to go to a dog park, doggy daycare, groomers, or a kennel.

Here is what we are looking for in the ideal foster home for Rambo. We need someone that lives relatively close to the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks (Burbank, North Hollywood, Encino, etc). As of right now, Rambo requires 2 medicated baths every week, and those will be done at the Pet Doctors. And if there is ever an issue, being able to get him to the vets office quickly will be imperative.

Due to his skin condition and lack of fur protecting his skin, Rambo can't be outside in direct sunlight between the hours of 10-4 (quick trips to go to the bathroom are okay), so he will require someone that is willing to let him live and sleep in the house. He likes to go for walks, so early morning and evening on-leash walks are fine and encouraged. When out and about, he will need to be leashed at all times, with no strenuous exercise, as the medication he is on leaves him prone to torn ligaments. No frisbee competitions or dock diving for him. This is also why we are seeking an only dog or senior dog situation. We are looking to minimize any exuberant play or chasing around the yard.

The foster will also need to follow the doctors orders exactly. Rambo is a happy dog. He loves life, and he will love his foster. He doesn't know he's sick or has any restrictions. His tail is always wagging. As such, it could be easy to assume that it's okay to cut back or skip a medication because he seems fine. That can't happen and could end up in disaster. His condition can change and flare up really quickly.

Many people have asked why Quin and I don't bring him into our home. We LOVE Rambo, and have spent a great deal of time loving him and preparing him to go into someone's loving home. But for many of the reasons listed above, all in the best interest of Rambos on-going recovery, our home is not the proper home for him. Beyond the fact that we are at our limit of dogs according to the county of Los Angeles, we have very active dogs, and those dogs are out and about with us daily. I also spend a good deal of time at local shelters. It wouldn't be fair to Rambo to have to either keep him crated or apart from the rest of the family to protect him, or to possibly expose him to something brought home from the shelter. We want him to be in a situation where he can be the king, the love and main focus of the household. We would also insist on visitation rights and occasional photoshoots  😁

Rambo is an amazing dog. He is full of love and gratitude, and is ready and deserving of being the love of someone's life. Could that be you?  We will require a home check and a meet and greet prior to any placement. He will be a forever foster, and that means we will continue to pay for his medical costs for the rest of his life. If you are interested, please fill out an application here. We are looking forward to welcoming a new foster into our family! If you would like to donate to his ongoing care, you can donate by clicking here. Thank you everyone!