Rambo: Road To Recovery

Rambo in the shelter

The condition of Rambo's ears when he was rescued from the shelter

Rambo as he was loaded into the car for his freedom ride from the shelter
Rambo, who was sent to me with a plea to help from our good friend Elaine Seamans, was owner surrendered to the BP shelter where his humans requested that he be PTS and the shelter vets were of the same mind set.
Rambo on day 2 at the vet's office
When I called about him on Monday 6/26/2017 I was told that he only had until 7:00 PM that night! I struggled with what to do as I was also told he got a bit aggressive with the folks trying to help him. I wanted to do what was best for him and for us right here at LNPB.

Rambo after his first week at the vet's office

I could not for the life of me get this big boy off my mind or out of my heart. Frank went to visit him and found Rambo to be sad, depressed, painful and unresponsive :-( I spoke to DVM Missy Achenbach of The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks earlier in the day, sent her photos of Rambo and she told me to " take a leap ". I told her my concern was that if he was indeed aggressive how on earth were we ever going to treat him? She then told me that she so admires what we do and that she had faith I would find a way to help him and then she said, which I heard loud and clear, " BE HIS VOICE".
Rambo during his 2nd week at the vet's office. 
His appearance, demeanor, and general well being have all improved noticeably

Rambo enjoys his walks. He is house trained and will not use his kennel as a potty, so he gets to go out several times a day

Moments later I was back on the phone with the shelter saying " We will help him HOWEVER here's the deal! There is no way we can get him and have him to our vet by 6 tonight, but I will come and get him first thing in the morning! Now it is mandatory with all shelters that before they are released they must be given a Rabies Vaccine. So the shelter Tech, who I could tell wanted so much to help us find a way to help him, came back to me with a counter deal! She told me that she was going to go get him out of his cage, she was going to attempt to " handle him" and if possible, she was going to give him his rabies vaccine right then and there to which I replied, " You have yourself a deal!" I asked her to call me when her assessment of him was completed and I waited by the phone so unnerved and anxious, knowing that his fate lied in their hands at that moment :-( She called me and the 1st words out of her mouth were "Toby this dog wants to be helped! He was so sweet and he was so good and he was administered his vaccines with no issues or incident "! I SCREECHED WAHOOOOO and said " PLACE THAT CTA RIGHT NOW AND LET RAMBO KNOW WE WILL BE THERE IN THE MORNING TO TAKE HIM HOME"!

This is what Rambo's skin looks like after 3 and a half weeks in the vet's office. He seems so much more comfortable now

 The rest my friends, as they say, is history! On Tuesday, 6/27/2017, this boy took the best walk EVER from the shelter as we led him to his Freedom! While he has quite the journey to recovery, he is alive and so enjoying his gift of life and love and is receiving the best of medical care! We invite you all to follow his journey as we walk right along side of him, paw in hand, and watch his amazing transformation unfold! DVM Missy Achenbach at the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, will never know the impact she had with just those 3 little words " BE HIS VOICE". Those words, in that split second changed two lives forever, his and mine <3 tw, LNPB
Rambo has put on some weight and is looking healthier

Rambo walks well on leash, knows sit, and is house trained

Rambo loves people and likes all his canine friends in the vet office.
Rambo still has a long road ahead of him, and will still be under the care of the vet for the foreseeable future. He will be going to a dermatology specialist next week for a consultation. He has put on some weight and continues to get healthier. He eats well, takes treats very gingerly, and in general is an amazing animal. We have high hopes for Rambo and his continued recovery. If you would like to donate to help us continue to care for Rambo and all the other fosters under Leave No Paws Behind's care, please go here: DONATE