2018 Calendar Shoots Have Begun!

 Attention all Leave No Paws Behind supporters! Work has begun on the 2018 LNPB Calendar! We have already had photoshoots with a few of the Leave No Paws Behind fosters and we will be scheduling many more over the next few weeks.

This calendar will have a whole different look to it compared to years past. This year, the photographer is coming to the fosters homes or a nearby location. We are doing this for several reasons. First, many of the LNPB fosters are seniors with health issues, so we want them to be comfortable, and familiar with their surroundings. No need to have to make them travel and subject them to the chaos inherent in a pet photography shoot, or have them wait around in the heat.

Secondly, this gives each dog and month a unique look to it, and makes it a little more special for the fosters, as the images have a more meaningful feel to them, using their home, yard, or personal items in the image.

If you are a Leave No Paws Behind foster, be on the lookout for emails or phone calls to schedule your shoot. We are not shooting every LNPB foster, but we are looking to do about 15 to fill out the year and give us some things to choose from. The images you see here are out takes from the shoots we have already done.

If you would like to order a calendar, pre-orders will be available in October, and will be delivered in time for Christmas, please keep an eye on the Facebook page as we get into October for pre-order information/instructions.

Can't wait to put this years calendar together and get it into everyone's hands! Hopefully this will be the best one yet!