Veterinary Clinic Press Release Announcement

For Immediate Release

West Covina, Ca— 05/13/2019Leave No Paws Behind, Inc(LNPB ), a California not-for-profit animal rescue organization specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs, announces the upcoming opening of a new low-cost Veterinary Clinic located in West Covina, Ca.  “ We are in the planning and building stage and anticipate our grand opening to happen in the fall of 2019,” says CEO/Founder Toby Wisneski.
Over the last 8 years, LNPBhas found an alarmingly large number of senior dogs being surrendered to high kill shelters and has found that the high cost of veterinary care today in the Los Angeles, Ca area is one of the biggest reasons that families, who truly love their pets, sadly feel they have no other options other than to surrender them. LNPBhas discovered that most cannot even afford to have their terminally ill pets humanely euthanized due to the high cost.

The average cost for basic veterinary services in the Los Angeles, Ca area continue to rise and while some pet owners can easily afford these charges, those that have limited income have nowhere to turn to help their beloved pets. This alone contributes to the large numbers of pet surrenders to area shelters. CEO Toby Wisneski tells us: “We see it every day, the tears, the heartache, the children holding on to their pets and not wanting to let go, the pets looking back confused and scared as they are taken away and we tell ourselves “ there has to be a better way”. 
 LNPB’slow cost veterinary clinic is part of the effort to assist pet owners in keeping their pets and reduce the pet surrender epidemic.  The LNPBclinic will offer basic wellness exams, blood tests, x-rays, spay and/or neuter, minor surgeries, medicine and much needed dental care at very affordable and low-cost prices. 
Leave No Paws Behindwas founded in June 2011 by Toby Wisneski, who wanted to make a difference in the lives of senior animals abandoned in the shelters. Toby had a soft spot in her heart for the aging animals who, after living so many years with the only humans they ever loved, suddenly found themselves abandoned and left to die on a cold shelter floor alone and wondering. Toby could not believe the number of senior pets that found themselves suddenly in peril at a time when they needed their humans the most. As LNPBenters its eighth year of giving the gift of life and love to so many in the shelters, LNPBwill now be extending the gift of hope to so many who otherwise could not afford to care for their beloved animals. 
For more information and photo opportunities, contact Toby Wisneski.